Business Address

Required Header Elements

Business Address

The business address must be a valid, geocodable address. If Taxnexus can’t parse the address with Google Maps, the transaction will be rejected. Try to keep addresses consistent and well-formed to use the Taxnexus geocache effectively.

For the country code use US or ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 encoding. Use United States, Canada or the United Nations list of official country names.

Use ISO 3166-2:US encoding for US states and ISO 3166-2:CA for Canadian provinces.

The address format is a standard object in Taxnexus internals named Address.

Business Address JSON Format

"Address": {
"city": "string",
"country": "string",
"countrycode": "string",
"postalcode": "string",
"state": "string",
"statecode": "string",
"street": "string"