Invoice Workflow

Taxnexus Invoice Workflow

Important Invoice Formatting Requirements

The invoice must be prepared in a “posting-ready” format. It must be fully normalized in terms of discounts or any other pre-posting transformations. Line item prices must be specified in units, quantity, unit price and Taxnexus Codes.

Recommended Invoice Workflow

Taxnexus API offers two endpoints for invoice ingest.

  • POST ops/taxes/invoices
  • POST ops/invoices

The difference is how tax data is returned to the API consumer.

This illustration shows how to use the POST ops/taxes/invoices endpoint to process a new invoice and get back the tax determination in the fastest way possible.

  • Prepare invoice
  • POST ops/taxes/invoices
  • Unmarshal response into an API consumer array for further processing
  • Store tax summaries or tax detail items with invoice
  • Render the presentation of the final invoice in a bill or receipt format


That last step, which we call bill presentment, can be a little tricky because the API consumer must aggregate the tax transactions and present them on final bill.

To make presentment a little easier, API consumers can use the POST ops/invoices to get back a copy of the origninal invoice plus a handy Totals data structure that has useful items like SalesTax and CannabisTax.