About Taxnexus API

We made Taxnexus API to give the world the best and most comprehensive cannabis tax database in a way developers will love.

In the US, with our federal system the way it is, we have 50 sets of sales tax laws. In California there over 1,500 incorporated taxing authorities.

So, in the United States we have a four-tiered tax system that serves as an eternal gotcha for small business owners.

As a taxpayer in our other business, Telnexus, a US-based telecom, we are intimately familiar with the complexities involved in doing telecom taxes in California.

For legal cannabis businesses in states like California, it gets real complicated for a small guy to be able to know what his or her tax liability really is.

So, with your help, we can all work together and make the Taxnexus system a reliable, convenient and time-saving way for cannabis entrepreneurs to be financially compliant with all local tax laws.